Kineticone Brand Story

Kineticone is in Beijing, the English name Kinetic One (K1) .Founded in 2009 in Beijing, we have a internationalized professional team, including Discovery Channel producer in Asia, well versed in business management of United States investors, advertising veteran and outstanding directing and omnipotent international team. We are a creative as the core, take the Internet as a platform in the area, with original content for the main body of the new video production and marketing company. We use social media to our target audience with the most productive, highest quality video content..We have a mature-homegrown video production and promotion system, including cattle base, excellent range, Bizlook, fun collectionof four formerly independent channel, dealing respectively with the current fashion of young people a passion for independent music, extreme sports,entertainment, pop culture, public life, travel, parenting, and other aspects.In addition to company-owned items, we also carry business video projects,including the needs of video production and video marketing data, and so on. Customer market needs, brand appeal, product information, and other content into exciting and innovative video content, in the form of creative advertising, micro-films, trailers,large events, documentaries, feature films video programs, viral video and other diverse expressions of communication and interaction with the audience.