YOUTH CULTURE & URBAN TRENDS: Focusing on original content in music, extreme sports, and urban trends for China’s urban youth and young adults.
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  • Skate on the Roads
    An extreme sports show created by Niurenku. Each episode features one extreme sportsman showing off his/her unique skills.
  • Niuren 360
    Focusing on amazing people, Niuren 360 created a series of columns for musicians, skiers, etc.
  • Heipa
    A hiphop show that invites famous domestic hiphop musicians MC boss as host and consultant. Heipai brings you the best of MC boss' hiphop taste.
STYLE AND FASHION: Focusing on original content in travel, fashion, and lifestyle for China’s upwardly mobile consumers.
Tag: travel fashion lifestyle beauty
  • Anti Streetsnap
    Bringing you the unique perspectives of extraordinarily creative and funky people in fashion.
  • Anti Quotations
    Redefining the meaning of words is a new understanding of life.
  • puppy's talk
    Niuniu, an experienced puppy in "love affairs", shares with you The Bible of Dating Foreign Chicks.
PARENTING AND BABY: Focusing on original content in parenting, health advice, and educational series for Chinese parents.
Tag: parenting health education children
  • The Nanny Diaries
    Nanny, often called "A-yi", is one of the most underestimated and difficult professions in the world. In a light-hearted way, the show reveals nannies' struggles and reliefs when caring for babies and new moms.
  • Baby Talking Show
    By asking children questions without the presence of their parents, we get to know their most authentic ideas. A truly educational program for both parents and children as it reflects the worldview of society.
  • Baby Big Star
    Cover story shooting for the Pregnancy & Parenting Magazine
TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS: Focusing on original content in technology and global business for China's top professionals.
Tag: technology business
  • Bizlook--ZipCar
    See how iphone users quickly find a ZipCar with the app.
  • 3D Glasses
    Vuzix, a company that makes virtual and augmented reality video glasses, visited MIT Technology Review to demonstrate the new 3D glasses.
  • Ushi video
    Interviews with the most influential business leaders in China for opinions on various business topics.